weird webservice error in my Cairngorm 2.1 app… solved!

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

not by me. but a solution is a solution.

I had posted on flexcoders a while back, some said they were experiencing the same problem.

The problem WAS :)

fire up the app, do a WebService interaction, no problem. do another to the same wsdl. no problem. do a third, Flex came back with the error equivelant of, "Oh no you didn’t!" with nothing helpful to tell me.

Well the same guy (ashifsayani) who had the same troubles found a blog post that had a nice clear solution.

Apparently it’s an issue in Cairngorm that you fire .loadWSDL() when using services, which apparently upsets the space time continuum. so

in the model I now have

public var personwsdlLoaded:Boolean = new Boolean(false)

and in my delegate I now do this.

PersonSvc = service.getService("personService");
            if( !model.personwsdlLoaded )
                trace("load PersonSvc WSDL")
                model.personwsdlLoaded = true;

problem solved. the wsdl is only loaded once. and the continuum remains in balence.

from a comment on the blog Cairngorm 2.2 solves this issue, but in the meantime, I’m happy and can scratch one bug off my white board.



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