March 2007

Work week so far and my new favorite Mac App!

Day two is over. The team is great, i really like everybody. Best of all! The soda machine is a quarter!! :-D I’m jumping in feet first, working with Wayne on a project that’s due out by Friday, my way to learn. It’s a Windoze world, not everything is perfect. I’m excited to keep delving into Quovadx and get some truly kick ass Flex apps with these guys!   Favorite mac app? You know it, aren’t all Mac apps ‘favorite worthy’? Well this week’s pick: Quicksilver. I know, everyone else has already called dibs on ‘Favorite’ and I’m late to the game. But hey, sorry. I’ve scratched about .8% of Quicksilver’s potential, and even at that, DAMN this app is great! If you own a mac, and aren’t using it,…

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360Conferences is moving right along. New job, tomorrow.

The Next 360Flex is in the planning pipe. We’ve already started talking to our partners, and are figuring out sponsorship details. Stay tuned for more announcements (new website, sponsors, etc)! Tom and I are also actively working to bring our new company to maturity, PDQ. 360Conferences (website in dev now) is going to be THE source for conferences as cool as 360Flex, for developers, by developers. More to come on that! I’m happy to announce that I found a home for my two copies of FlexBuilder that I got from Ted, with explicit instructions to give to someone or someplace that will help bring more Flex Developers to the fold, SpireMedia now has two more copies and will be bringing two more of it’s devs into the Flex fold. They’re…

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Cool stuff in the Twitter space

Been a lot of cool things going on in the Twitter-verse (I think i just made that up… It’s mine, don’t try to steal it) Aral has Friends or Followers, the twittermap now has (A really frakkin’ cool app) Twittervision I’m glad twitter is getting so many eyeballs. As far as I can tell Adobe engage started the ball rolling, Tom, Ted and I kept it going and gave it a push at 360Flex, and now SXSW has come up behind it and given it a two handed shove. Very cool! Also cool, the number of apps that use the Twitter API that are written in Flex, and (when released) Apollo. Who can say if Twitter will be around in a year, but it’s definitely given us a cool new…

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