Scoble, High Rise, Apollo, oh my!

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

I’ve had a ton of things sitting in tabs for a few days now, awaiting further pondering and deep thoughts. I’ve been too busy for that, so here’s the from the hip version, and it’s long, long like like the line for the bathroom at a baseball game, long like the line for a Will Smith movie on July 4th at 12:01am.

Scoble called Microsoft out. Some seem to think he’s now an adobe fanboy. I think the truth of the matter is Microsoft sucks, end of story. Have they always sucked, no. does everything they do suck? I doubt it, Xbox sure seems popular. I’ve never been a Scoble follower, I even saw this entry linked elsewhere, but he’s right. Microsoft needs to stop resting on the "our isht is loaded on most business machines so we win by default" concept. That’s not how you win, that’s how you remain the huge slow to react monster in the playground that the other kids run around poking with a stick. Scoble’s right, build a better ___ (whatever, search, blog tool, office suite, browser, OS, mail client, ANYTHING)  Does M$ really think Google, Y!, Adobe, twitter, facebook, etc aren’t threats? I have Mac Office 2004 on my mac. It’s the only M$ product I use anymore, and I only use it when I need to open a doc I’ve received. Apple Pages is no Word, by a long shot, but it’s fine for lightweight stuff.


37 Signals does it again. Tom and I were even talking about the need for this type of app a few weeks ago. A contact Management tool, that multiple people can use, edit, mark up, and be productive with. That WASN’T any of the current overly bloated management nightmares that pass for Contact Management these days. We should have guessed 37 Signals would be the guys to figure out how to strip out the crap and deliver a tool that is exactly what teams need. We’ve already signed up and are planning to use Highrise and Basecamp for all 360Conferences business. Conference planning in the virtual world.


Finally it’s here, in the wild. I’ll wait. I’ve heard several, lots of folks raising flags over stability, and such. I know it’s alpha, I’m not worried. I just don’t have the bandwidth to play with alpha tech. Beta tech, I’m all over like white on rice. I’m stoked it’s out and available to be played with. I’m really stoked that there are so many "Here’s my first apollo app" posts already, that’s promising.

The reason for this blathery long winded post, I’m off to SoCal the rest of the week, seeing family, Disney Land, etc.


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