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April 2007

Jobs isn’t the only one who doesn’t like music subscriptions

I think it’s a lame idea too. "People want to own their music," he said. DRM is bad enoug, but renting the things I buy? How does that make sense? "but I get unlimited music for $15 a month" Great, good for you, and when you stop paying $15 a month, you get nothing, nada, zilch. So you enjoyed your unlimited music collection, largely things you’ll never listen to or be interested in, but you had access to it. Now you don’t My music collection, not unlimited by any stretch, is mine. If I go broke and live in a van, my iPod will still have music on it. if Apple goes broke on iPhone refunds and goes away, my music is still here. Can the same be said for…

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It would seem Denver is quite the Conference Magnet

Not only is EUI having their RIA Summit, and Creation Chamber is hosting the Rocky mtn Apollo Ranch (think Apollo Camp in SF), and now today I found out about Defrag:\ It sounds like a neat conference. I’ve signed up for the email list to be notified when Reg opens. Anyone wanna come see lovely (hopefully not snowed in) Denver in November. First round is on me.

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Is that Ryan Freakin’ Stewart….

Working with Me and Tom on 360Conferences? Damn straight it is!! I’m proud to announce that Ryan Stewart, yes the famous one, is joining Tom and I as partner in 360Conferences, the company we founded to do what we love, produce conferences like 360|Flex We’re incredibly thrilled to have Ryan on the team, not only does he share our ideas on community, and conferences, he’s just a damn cool guy and those are in short supply. I know I’ve counted, it took a while, but i did it. 134,943 world wide. That’s not a lot. Tom and I have some seriously huge plans for the conference space and Ryan is the perfect man to help us make those plans a reality. Welcome Ryan.

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