Can Gmail get better

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

Oh Yes! Oh yes it can!!! (He says, giggling like a school girl)

Enter Better Gmail. I’ve been trying to stay current on my lifehacker reading and saw Better Gmail mentioned.

"Better Gmail? What’s this? Can Gmail get any better? surely not! What’s next, a Chupalacabra moving in next door?"

Low and Behold, Better Gmail is indeed Gmail, better.

It’s a combination of GreaseMonkey scripts as I understand it, packaged into a nice little wrapper. I love the floating Signatures, love the saved searches, love the attachment reminder and the attachment icon (This one really. I often end up "looking for that PDF so and so sent me")

It’s a great addition to Gmail, which is my primary email client. All my work (Red Omega) email goes through my gmail account, as do the various emails we use for 360Conferences work. Better Gmail is a must have firefox add on

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