Flex training at work tomorrow.

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

As part of my duties at work is to start bringing the rest of the team up to speed on Flex (blind leading the blind? nah)

It was supposed to be today, but the brainiac who set up the meeting forgot and went to lunch… yeah in case you weren’t sure, I’m the brainiac.

So we rescheduled for tomorrow. I’ll be there!

I’m thinking for day one we’ll cover the basics we covered at 360|Flex San Jose. Covering some basics of FlexBuilder, then some basics of containers. Gotta start somewhere and cantainers are about as basic as you can get, I think.

I’m excited to get started, the more exposure I can get in front of people, the better. (I say that now, safely on my couch, watching Mythbusters).  

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