Gave in and installed Apollo

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

I was gonna wait to install Apollo until Beta 1. Alphas are… well, just too alpha for me. Then Danial released his twittercamp app. Which sadly I never got to see in person, but the photos were enough for me. So Off I went, back to labs to get all the goods.

I tweaked the graphics for TwitterCamp for use at 360|Flex Seattle. I think the idea of the running twitter board is great, and really want to have a screen or two around 360|Flex Seattle.

I also built my obligatory "Hello World" app.

I must say, despite a few hiccups, which I think some reading on ApolloCoders will probably solve, I’m  impressed. Granted I knew I’d like Apollo from the moment I heard about it, but rolling my own, it’s as cool as I expected.

Here’s to many happy hours Apollo’ing.

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