presentation downloads, iPods, spiny lumpsuckers, Oh my

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

I wanted to post a little update for those who might be craving one. It’s been a month since 360Flex wrapped up, and we’ve collected the end of conference surveys, we’ve recorded the answers from the session surveys (thanks to every single person who filled them in, your vote does count and you’ve helped make future events better!)

Tomorrow we’ll be posting some exciting news, can’t say more than that. I can say, we’ll be announcing the iPod winners, we’ve also finished collecting presentations, and have a single source for those downloads. I know a lot of speakers made them available on their sites, but hopefully this list will help fill in the gaps.

Make sure your feed readers are fired up tomorrow. :)

One Response to “presentation downloads, iPods, spiny lumpsuckers, Oh my”

  1. Jen says:

    Thanks again for all your hard work! You, Tom, and the team did an AMAZING job organizing 360Flex and I am looking forward to future events!

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