Ever bettering the User Experience, iTunes Plus

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

Apple anounced iTunes Plus today and, I’ll be damned it’s kinda cool, limited as all get out, but the potential is promising.

Right now it’s EMI, which to me means 1 album and 4 random one-sy songs. Not a lot. However as more artists and labels get over themselves, and go DRM-Free (I’m guessing Fred will be changing his tune shortly) the iTunes Music Store will update my iTunes Plus upgrade list, with those songs that are available for going to iTunes Plus.

One thing did surprise me, the pricing. A DRM-Free track is a buck twenty-nine, to upgrade your track you pay the .30 cent difference to get an un DRM’ed file. To get an entire album in DRM-Free format, it’s not .30 cents x number of songs as I full expected, it’s 60% of the album cost, which is cool so going DRM-free isn’t cost prohibitive, gotta love that.

I’m anxious to see how fast and who else signs on to the DRM-Free bandwagon.

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