Flex training at work tomorrow. The Basics

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

Well not THE basics, we covered some of that already. I’m thinking tomorrow will be some AS3 basics. The agenda is such

  • Class pathing best practices
  • using IMPORT
  • interfaces (nothing crazy in depth, just the concept and implementation)
  • superclasses (again, nothing too crazy in depth, I said basics, remember)
  • Using the constructor and the ‘init()’ functions
  • properties and methods

That may be a bit ambitious for a one hour window, so this may be this and next week’s agenda.

I’m really enjoying the classes, I was talking to someone today about how my stage fright (the thought of presenting in front of people would make me wet myself like the scene in Teen Wolf) is rapidly diminishing. I’ve taught a 101 in San Jose, spoke (a little) at the keynote, and now am teaching my coworkers what I know of Flex (god help them :) )

Just watch. in Seattle I’ll be doing magic tricks and telling jokes… well probably not, but you see where I’m going with this.


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