Back from Seattle

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

Tom and I had a great time in Seattle. 360|Flex is going to be hella sweet! We met with the gals (And guys, no worries, Jim and Frank) from Red Lion, went over the menu (You liked the food in San Jose right? Just wait), toured the facilities, and made plans for the event.

We also sat down to lunch with Daryn, Bryan, and Ali, talking about all kinds of stuff. Daryn, you’re right Nishino is good sushi, REALLY good sushi. Ask Tom about the shrimp heads. We did another tour with Bryan to talk about FlexTV recording, and how we’ll get it set up. That’s gonna be dope, on demand session videos, cool!

After lunch, and relocating to another hotel (Red Lion was sold out for Friday night, that’s how great a place it is), Tom and I spent a few hours going over things; badges, images, FlexTV, Welcome kits (You ARE registered at the hotel right?), and much more.

Saturday my mom and sister came up from Vancouver, and we hung out, visitted the old home stead in Kirkland, went on a lake cruise, saw the obligatory sight of Seattle, Bill Gates’ crib. It’s as dope as anything you heard, btw.

I hadn’t realized how much I liked Seattle and missed Kirkland, both really great places. Places I’ll likely never afford to live in again, but still. My old ‘hood was SO different, the trees were bigger, houses had changed color, none of my friends were playing in the street or down by the creek, no one was standing between houses talking…. You can’t go home again, they’re totally right (whomever they are, that said that).

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