Chillin’ at the AIR Event

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

I got here a little late, LOWER Colfax is actually a road, whereas I thought it was just a descriptor of Colfax. And since my car’s NavCom recognized 2027 Colfax, i thought I was good to go. Not so fast slick. As I crossed over the Freeway, the Nav called out, "You’ve arrived"

"Uh no. I certainly didn’t" I talk to the car sometimes, it talks to me, it only seems polite :)

So onto the trusty phone to call my wife, and have her across down navigate for me, thanks Y! maps.

So I arrive at Mile High Station a smidge after Ryan had started his keynote. He gives a good keynote, I have to admit :)

Kevin and Mike both presented before Lunch, well done too, good stuff.

Lunch was… meh. to say the least. Tom would be very disappointed.

Daniels talk was great, can’t wait to get my hands wet on a sometimes connected app and use that SQL Lite goodness….. muwa ha ha ha


The Salesforce preso just ended. Not bad, but I have no interest in Salesforce, nor does my employer (Xylem CCI) have need, as far as I know.

Break time,

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