Wrap up of Denver’s AIR Bus event

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

Not a big turn out, I was surprised, even in the "after work" hours. I know Xylem was busy, i was the only one that made it out, bummer.

Lee Brimelow’s preso was cool, I enjoyed his visuals, they really helped make the point, way to go.

The ebay/EUI preso was good, i think San Dimas may beat Vista’s record for "it’s coming, be patient", but when (if?) it ever goes mainstream, it will rock.

The Y! preso, was only so so. I dunno it just wasn’t wowing me, and making an AIR app that seems to behave just like a Y! Widget, wasn’t really impressing me. I dunno, maybe it was just me.

Getting to sit and chat with Ryan and Kevin was great, that should happen more often, IMO :) They rock! And I almost got to see Daniel eat a box of Krispy Kremes for $20.

Despite my abject dislike of speaking in front of crowds, I got up and gave some info on 360|Flex. It should be a great time, we’ve got really cool things planned for the conference, so it was cool to get to tell people about it in person, now if I could just not be so nervous about it.

It seemed to go well despite my nerves, I only left out the most important info: price and date… you know the little details. Hopefully people read my shirt, or visit the site :) Props to Chambers for loading up the site on the big screen, so I’d ahve something to reference, which helped a lot! I don’t know if he knew how much, but it was good it was up there!

Mike’s "what’s in the bus" talk was really cool, seeing the apps they’ve been using, how they built them, what kind of tech they’re running (Yay! more Macs than PCs), is really cool. Sprint must love them.


 Overall kudos to Adobe, cool event, I’m bummed more Denverites (denverinos?) couldn’t make it out, poor showing guys, come one, one day! :) But it was good, good content, great side line chats, I met the guys who did the ColdFusion PodCast! They’re very cool! Is there anyone Ryan doesn’t know? If nothing else events like this are cool to see folks you don’t see often, like Denver Dave, and his crazy crew, Rob, if only Emily was here!

See everyone in August, in Seattle, then Chicago in October! w00t!!!


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