In advance of our FlexJobs posting

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

This should be getting posted to Flex jobs any day now, but why wait? That’s my motto. :)

Flex Developer Needed in Denver CO. Full Time

Xylem CCI is hiring! We’re looking for skilled developers!

We’re looking for Flex Developers! Maybe you’re a JAVA guy looking to get into Flex, or a Flex Developer looking for more, better, bigger projects, or even a CF, or .NET developer, looking to get your Flex hands dirty. We want to talk to you!

Specifically what’re we looking for?
    •    Experience in OO Programming
    •    MXML and AS3 experience (the more the better)
    •    CF, .NET, PHP, JAVA, or Ruby experience
    •    Maybe some design skills (Certainly not required, but never hurts)
    •    Knowledge of the SDLC
    •    Be familiar with Remoting, Web Services, etc
    •    Knowledge of MS SQL and/or MySQL
    •    This one is pretty important, be able to manage your time well, and communicate effectively. You’ll be on multiple projects and will need to interact with multiple client, and internal departments often.

Interested? Email your resume to

We’re a digital advertising agency. We design, execute and manage digital advertising campaigns that include large-scale Web sites, Flash micro sites, eMarketing strategies and viral advertising campaigns.  We’ve been around for about 7 years, have offices in Denver and London,  have over 70 employees and work with great brands from around the world including; Quiznos, the Denver Broncos, Jimmy Johns, and Finishline, among many others.

From the sport of inter-modal office transportation via razor
scooters, bicycles, skateboards and fast cars, to the palatable
excellence of the Friday breakfast teams and the Friday afternoon
cocktail cart, to the healthy peer pressure of the running club,
foosball championships and mountain biking club, to the social
excitement of our office parties, sporting and entertainment events,
to the brain stimulation of the book of the month club and various
career development and training events with industry experts through
our many partnerships – Xylem CCI creates plenty of opportunity for
our people to immerse themselves in an extraordinary experience
tempered with work-life balance.

Xylem CCI is always searching for the brightest technical, creative
and business minds in the industry. If you feel you are qualified for
this position or if you are interested in finding out about other open
positions at our company, please contact us at

We’ve got tons of Flex stuff in the works, and are planning to even get some of it AIR’ed. We’re not looking for hard core Flex Ninjas or anything, though those wouldn’t be turned away, but if you know Flex and want to take your skill set to the next level, we wanna talk to you.

Oh, and Denver and CO in general are r0ckin places to live!

4 Responses to “In advance of our FlexJobs posting”

  1. Paul Whitelock says:

    Hi John, I’m interested in the Denver Flex developer position and I was wondering if you would mind answering a quick question via e-mail. Thanks!

  2. smiles says:

    i would imagine that you should remove this, eh? since xylemCCI laid off the entire Flex team? is that true?

  3. John Wilker says:


    HA HA well there is that…

    So yeah, consider this posting to be null and void.

  4. Paul Whitelock says:

    Hi John, I'm interested in the Denver Flex developer position and I was wondering if you would mind answering a quick question via e-mail. Thanks!

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