360|Flex atlanta is up and running

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

Tom and I have been working hard, implementing what we learned in Seattle, as well as what our customers told us in "the survey". From there we created the next iteration of 360|Flex.

Atlanta is going to be great! Greater than Seattle!

We’re getting some great speakers lined up, and are proud like you can’t believe that many of our past attendees are signing up to speak. Sure when they speak they get in for free, but it’s great to be encouraging people to become more active in the community; give back, share knowledge. We’d let everyone in for free if everyone wanted to share… well maybe not everyone, since we need to pay some bills, but you get my meaning. 

It’s great to be back in active planning mode. For all the stress that comes with this, it’s truly fun and once the day of hits, rewarding. Shaking each attendees hand as they pick up their badge. Having a few drinks with the sponsors and speakers at the welcome dinner. That’s all great!

If you haven’t experienced 360|Flex yet, do some googling, you’ll see lots and lots of rave reviews, you should make it out to Atlanta! We promise it won’t be a wasted trip!

One of the cool things for me this time. NO PAPER SURVEYS!!! Tom and I decided that those just suck! We’ll have a few since in San Jose we made like 7,000 copies, but we’ll be rolling out a survey AIR app. Sitting in  the session taking notes, fire up the app, fill it in, hit save. Not online, we’re gonna implement the build in SQL Lite goodness to save responses until you are online. Cool huh! I’m stoked to build this thing since it’ll be my first crack at the data persistence stuff. Can’t wait. Of course, like I said, if you wanna fill out the paper surveys, go for it. They’ll be here.

The added bonus of the AIR survey, will be that we’ll have to hire less temps, which means more money for cool stuff for attendees. That’s a win for everyone.

See ya there!

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