Ok, I know where I will be 1-18-08

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

Sitting in a theatre watching ‘Cloverfield‘.

The trailer is out on Apple (linked above).

OH MY GOD! What a cool trailer. I can only hope that the movie lives up to it’s trailer.

I found some neat rumor sites,

this one, and this one

I can’t wait to see more trailers, build the mystery… maybe it’s Mothra, or Mecha Go’Jira? :D

3 Responses to “Ok, I know where I will be 1-18-08”

  1. Trond Ulseth says:

    Ok – I’m curious :)

  2. Ben Nadel says:

    Yeah, that movie looks pretty sweet.

  3. Trond Ulseth says:

    Ok – I'm curious :)

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