Quicksilver is officially open source!

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

Saw this over on TUAW, I’m not a big participant in OS projects, but I’m always thrilled when cool tools go OS. In this case, it’s nice, since it was free already, now it’s not on the shoulders of the developer alone. I’m sure with as big a following as QS has, we’ll see some neat add-ons and enhancements.


The project has been set up as a google code project. Check it out

When I first installed quicksilver I wasn’t sure how much I’d use it. To test my dependency I un-installed in for a day, wow! Not only had I trimmed the dock down to just apps I wanted to actually see all the time, but I had gotten so used to using QS to upload files, open documents, etc that I only made it like an hour before it was re-installed. All that said, I use maybe a tenth of it’s true capabilities. It’s way more than "just an app launcher" WAY more.

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