Really Code trip

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

I’ll admit it, I thought the on AIR tour was a little silly and over the top, but really, do we need to copy it?

The Code Trip??? Maybe the bad trip, or the acid trip, or even the trippy freak with bangs who never speaks in English class.

What’s next, fake Bill Gates? Fake Steve Ballmer? Not that the real one doesn’t say enough weird stuff on his own.

I will hand it to Adobe, they went the whole 9 yards. I mean it was a freaking rock star bus. When I got a tour from Ryan, fully expected to see Gene Simmons, or Some other hard core rocker kickin’ back on the couch, i mean it was a freaking rock star bus….

M$ guys…. well if the picture is real, and not a photochop… oh wait would that be an acrylichop? You guys are riding in a Winnie? Who gets the overcab bunk?


I’m glad M$ is getting in on some of thise type of over the top-ish-ness, but at least do it with some style.

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