Been a busy few weeks.

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

  I’m sitting in SJC waiting for my flight back to Denver, thought I should catch up on blog writing and reading. I’ve been onsite at newly un-stealthed Ribbit, working with them on some really cool stuff. As I’ve said, it’s a great project, great team, etc. I’m having a good time working on this project. Esria is a great group of guys to consult for (even if they are from canadia :P ), I’m really glad they were able to get me in on this project.

I had twitter track ‘ribbit’, and watching the posts fly around yesterday was cool. So much excitement, so many people talking about ideas, implementations, speculations, etc. It was very neat to watch.

 It’s kind of cool to be with them as they come out of stealth, never experienced that before. News crews coming by, people coming in off the street to talk about business opportunities, etc. it’s very exciting, I’m thrilled for Chuckstar and the team. If you haven’t done so, go sign up for the beta, the possibilities for Ribbit are endless. Screw that old, click to call (which launches Skype), or tools, that aren’t developer friendly. I can see blogs with voicemail, ‘Click to call’ that does just that, no external tools or apps needed, you click, an your browser starts to ring, how freakin’ cool! Go sign up!


In working with Ribbit, I’m getting a chance to really stretch and grow my abilities, something I’ve been craving since like… forever. I’m getting to get my hands dirty in the API that’ll be released soon, building services and tools around it. it’s very exciting!

Work on 360|Flex of course hasn’t stopped, it never does. Tom and I announced our plans for giving something back to the community, a plan I’m very excited about, since giving what we can back in as many ways as we can, is a core tenet of 360Conferences. We’re also looking into another really cool thing to announce, hoping we can announce it soon, I think it’ll be a lot of fun. You’ll just have to wait and see, it’ll be cool though, it always is :)

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