Been a little quiet

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

Sorry for being so quiet, on all fronts. Between moving, leaving one project, flying to CA for another, I’ve been a bit busy the past few days.

Right now I’m in Mountain View working on a really cool project with some great guys, many of whom I’ve worked with before so that’s a plus! The move went… well it went, mostly craptastically downhill very fast. The movers were two hours late, dropped our fridge (rendering it barely usable), Best Buy installer decided to be a dill hole and wouldn’t help us stack or install our washer dryer. He pushed the washer into the closet but wouldn’t touch the dryer, and stole the stainless steal braided hoses that we paid extra for. The builder mucked up the cabling so bad that our unit has no cable line, so we’ve had no cable, telephone, or internet since we moved, and might have it today. On top of all that one of the dogs, refuses to use the open staircase from the main floor to the bedroom level, which is also where the stairs to the deck are, which is where we’re setting up a dog run… guess where he’s using the rest room..

Moving and having to travel for work, is crazy hectic when done all the same week, I’ll be glad when I’m back home setting up the home office, getting things done there.

On the plus side of travel, I had jack in the box for dinner last night :)


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