January 2008

Look ma, I’m famous!

Well famous may be an over reach, but Dan over at Dzone interviewed me in the context of 360Conferences and 360|Flex. I’m glad he put up with me since I was way late in getting the interview questions back to him. The interview came out great, he did a superb job, making me seem less lame, than I am in real life ;) Dzone has recently created their RIA Zone, which looks to have some great content, it’s definitely added to my news reader list. Head over to Dzone, and take a look. Great work, Dan!   Oh, and make sure to vote, thumb up or down.

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Wow. The MacBook Air, looking less and less like a machine I’ll buy.

First thing this morning, I see that AppleInsider has some reviews from journalists from The Wall Street Journal, NewsWeek, and USA Today. While the pro’s are the typical gushy lameness "Did I mention it’s thin?" Well no duh sherlock. The Con’s are quite telling. Take a look, almost all make a lot of sense as a user… 3 hour battery life? Not 5… mmm so now not only can I not take it across the ocean, I can’t take it across the US. Then I see this on Engadget. The Optional external superdrive is useless anywhere but connected to the Air. Well what kind of crap is that? I understand they’re pumping more juice down the USB line to the drive, but at least make the drive able to be…

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