Macworld Rumor time.

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

New Iphone, don’t care

Some new capactiy of iPod, don’t care

new iMac, don’t care

new Macbook Pro, don’t care too much, i’d like to get another year out my current one, at least. It’s running like a champ so I’m not at all concerned, though 3gb would be nice.

new ultra portable, I hella care.



















Why? Travel, and writing.

Most of the time, when I travel (other than the obvious travel FOR work) i don’t do work. If I do, it’s answering emails, etc. It’s not compiling code and such. However I still surfe the web, and while not as often as I’d like, i write. I hope to get back into a groove of writing. I used to have a good system, i had a nice likttle iBook that I carried, and when I’d leave for lunch I’d leave the bigger dev laptop behind, and take the iBook. I had a nice smaller bag for it, that fit inside my big bag, it was great! Then I bought the MacBook Pro, sold the iBook, and writing didn’t stop completely but the MBP ain’t light and as time went on, it just got to be too much, I’d have to pack it back up, put it in my big bag, and haul the whole thing to lunch.

SO…. I nice ultra portable (I’ve thought about re-purchasing an iBook even) would be great, because lugging a heavy laptop around, not fun. However one I can still browse the intertubes and write with, and just grab and go.. THAT, i’d buy for a dollar (Robocop reference there)






The rumors out of wired, are that it wouldn’t have an ethernet port, that’s a little odd to me. Solid state drive, I’m cool with, no DVI, sure whatever I wouldn’t use this to present at a conference, but no Ethernet?

We’ll find out tomorrow morning, and I can’t wait. Most of the current rumors I couldn’t care less about, but an ultra portable MB… well that would part me from my cash, pretty easy.


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