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February 2008

Cluetrain turns 10

Sadly I won’t be there to celebrate! Tom and I tried to figure out how to be in New York tomorrow (my birthday by the way) but it just couldn’t be done. between consulting, and my birthday, and 360|Flex Atlanta a little over a week away, it just wasn’t in the stars. Tom and I are rather fanatical about running our business "the Cluetrain way" so the chance to get together with Doc and a bunch of other visionaries was hard to miss. We’ve heard that they’ll be having a similar event or events out west so we’ll be makin’ sure we’re there! What’s really a bummer, Jake McKee is one of those visionaries. Jake wrote blogfusion, which is what I was running, red-omega, and my wife’s blogs on….

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Patents blow

Tom is more anti patent than I am, but as more and more whack ass patent trolls surface, I’m quickly rethinking my position to be patently (pun not intended) anti Patent. I think the idea behind patents is a good and noble one, however the patent office seems to be more and more nothing but an enabler for patent trolls. I mean really "A device that plays music"? That’s a valid patent? What about “method and system for playing games on a network.”? Really? My biggest complaint about the patent process is the support of vaporware. I fully believe that any patent not accompanied by a WORKING prototype be thrown out. If you can’t build it, you can’t patent it. That last one I cited, is fully real, and fully…

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