It’s not too late to show off your mad skills at 360|Flex

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

The API contest is up and running, you ain’t even got to be there to win, though, we’d sure like to meet you if you do win!

The contest site is pretty straight forward; build a cool app, upload or link to it, explain it, tell us what API you used.

It’s that simple! Next week, we’ll roll out the voting portion of the app, let everyone vote on the app(s) they like. We’ll announce the winners at 360|Flex Atlanta.

There’s all sorts of cool prizes, and categories, take a look here. Plus all those cool sponsors are running their own contests, so you can enter your app in more than one, none of that "one entry per household crap." LOL.

We’ve got no limitations on our contests, but the sponsors do, so make sure if you plan to enter their contests too, check the rules.

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