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March 2008

More proof my wife is great!

Without even knowing it, prior to our meeting, she bought a widescreen, HD capable TV. Tom and I bought a PS3 for 360|Flex Atlanta, since he’s already equipped for gaming, and Blue Ray, I got this one. Not counting when it’s doing a tour¬† of duty as the official Rock Band/Guitar Hero station for 360|Flex, it’s now our Blue Ray player. I doubt I’ll ever own or play a PS3 game, since my gaming days ended when the Original NES died… Good times, good times. I was pleasantly surprised (I was fully thinking that we’d be buying a new TV sooner than planned to handle HD content) when I upgraded the PS3’s OS to support the BD/BlueTooth remote control, and it comes up with “HDMI Device Detected. Use it?” “Oh…

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MacBook AIR limitation 1, solved

it’s well known that Steve J didn’t think any more than 1 USB port was needed on a laptop, never mind that Dell’s ship with like 8, whatever. For those with USB port EVDO cards, all that’s needed is a USB extension, since to date, I think only 1 EVDO modem actually fits. For those of us sporting ExpressCard… well we’re SOL, sorta. I found one Amazon, after seeing a similar thing mentioned on engadget. I tried it out on the MBA as soon as it arrived, seems to work well, you’ll want to be careful since now your facny EVDO modem is just laying out on the desk, or your knee or where ever. So my AIR will now never be adrift without the intertubes, except in Europe where…

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So I have a MacBook AIR now.

I still wouldn’t buy one with my own money. It’s just too specialized. Tom and I ordered them for using at the conferences. We typically use our personal machines, which is great, but mine is a MBP, and his is some kind of 12 ton windoze thing, neither are light by any means. So this way we can carry a little less weight for checking people in, looking things up, doing keynotes, etc. The other upside, for me is travel. My wife and I are staying in Italy a week beyond 360|Flex Europe and blogging and surfing the web will be much nicer without a 3 or 4 lb MBP. I’ll be in Japan in May, again, a lighter machine will rock. Plus, my MBP is my dev machine, it’s…

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Error -1 unable to unarchive. AAAAHHHHH

So I zipped up some old 360|Flex folders; Atlanta, Seattle, and San Jose 1, and stuff to make some room. So far so good, I could just keep the archive file in the business folder and get in it, if I need it. Enter the MacBook AIR (More on that next), so I figure I’ll unarchive and copy those up to .mac that way I could have alias’s on each machine to have nice access to the data. Enter the error! the archive was a monster, 1.24gb, so after a minute or so of processing, OSX tells me that it can’t unarchive, error -1 not enough permissions. Ah hell. I rebuilt permissions, renamed the file, tried the command line unzip and zip tools, no dice… The final solution, changing the…

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