360|Flex Session Survey App

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

I’m looking for some ideas on what everyone would like to see in the Session Survey. Give me your ideas…

So I’m spending some of my down hours while I work on my next gig working on the session Survey App.

Our launch during the conference went ok, a few bugs, nothing too bad. Now it’s time to clean up and enhance. I’m thinking we’ll try to get it to a nice 1.0 place, and then put it up on RIAforge. I wanted to put a few more security measures, and user experience enhancements.

I also wanted to get anyone’s input on what they’d like before it goes, Open Source.

I’m working on validating Attendee ID, so we can minimize crap data. Then I’ll work on setting your ID into a shared Obj for persistence, maybe just us SQL Lite? I dunno.

I’m also going to improve the user feedback, when the app is working in "offline mode" maybe a cool status light or something? Also will make sure the save complete dialog shows up in both modes, not just ‘online’

Besides those three things, what would ya’ll want in a survey app for conferences?

If you’re an attendee, let me know what you think of the app, no holds barred. I know it’s rough, shoot! Tom and I worked on it off and on just the last week or two leading up to the Conference. You know the saying about the mechanic having the crappiest car.

I’m excited to get it buttoned up enough to put up on RIAforge, it’ll be my first OS project… yippy! I’m really hoping others will jump in to help improve conferences of any type.  Part of the release will include the DB design, you’ll need to create your own SQL lite DB for offline mode, with your own data, sorry, can’t give out our attendee info.

3 Responses to “360|Flex Session Survey App”

  1. Doug McCune says:

    Holla, is that the PromptingTextArea from FlexLib that I see?

  2. John Wilker says:


    You know it! That shit is off the hook! It’s my new best friend!

  3. John Wilker says:


    You know it! That shit is off the hook! It's my new best friend!

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