Ready for my next project.

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

I wrapped up my stint with Ribbit right before leaving for 360|Flex Atlanta, so now that I’, back in town I’m ready to get started on my next adventure.

I’m always open to Flex Dev projects, bring ’em on. I’m in Denver, but travel ain’t no biggy :) But sorry, I’m not moving.

My ideal position, still is something where I can help a company build and support the community they exist in, be it the overall, worldwide community (flex developers, small biz owners, mac users, whatever)  or a community of their own (ie Ribbit and their API developer community).

I suppose it’s one of those "Dream job" type deals, but hey! You never know. Some company out there is getting ready to launch an API, go public with a tool, etc and they might want some one to help build and nurture the community. Worth a shot :)

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