Session Survey update

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

I’m really enjoying working on this thing, I really hope other conference organizers can take it and 1. make it better, and 2. make use of it for their events. If for no other reason, than to stop using so much paper.

I’ve been working on it a lot this week, while I figure out what I want to do next. I’ve incorporated Rich’s UpdateManager so that deploying new versions of the session Survey will be WAY easier!

I’ve also updated the DB to support multiple events, so now in the configuration file you can specify the ID of the event (among other things) so reusing the app is much easier, with much less coding.

Speaking of config files, I’ve beefed it up a bit. It started out just holding the location of the backend server, and such. Now you can give your app a title, point to a specific DSN name in your backend, and tell the app where to look for updates.

You can also tell when you’re online or off now. There’s a little icon that changes from green to red depending on network connection. Network status really confused a lot of people who submitted several not realizing they were offline, and the app not providing proper feedback about saving online. It does that now too.

I’m pretty happy with it and am working with Sim to get it hosted, trac’ed, etc so folks can start submitting bugs, enhancements, etc I’m really hopeful that this app can help Greenify conferences, and improve the feedback we can provide to speakers. Using this tool, Tom and I gave our 360|Flex Atlanta speakers feedback in just about a week of the conference ending, w00t!


Stay tuned for the official announcement.

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