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May 2008

Inverting an Axis on a chart

I had a case on my latest project where I had a chart that needed to not start at 0,0 as most do. Rather this chart, and the data it represented needed to have it’s Y Axis inverted. The better numbers were closer to the bottom, and higher in value. 0 was bad. I did some searching and there seemed to be one common approach. manually invert your data. I wasn’t sure that was what I wanted, but it turned out that that approach worked really well. in the function that creates the data for the chart, I simply invert the values by subtracting 2* the value, from itself val.perfRank = (performance – (performance * 2)); val.availRank = (availability – (availability * 2)); val.consistRank = (consistency – (consistency * 2));…

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Great Degrafa preso at the RMAUG last night!

I was able to make it over to The Hive last night to see Juan “the hard core super star Degrafa Guy” Sanchez present Degrafa at the RMAUG. I just made up that name, but it fits, so he’s welcome to it if he likes. Dave and company have a new home at The Hive, which is a very sweet co-working facility here in Denver. Juan’s session was well timed, i had spent a good chunk of the day figuring out how to skin a link button. Turned out livedocs was spot on with it’s example (go figure). But after watching Juan skin a button, I was wishing we had Degrafa in the project I’m on. I did think about using it, but figured that was a decision to be…

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Time Machine over the network no love

I have a Seagate 250GB drive that I was using for Time Machine. Locally it was great Then Apple updated the AIR port base station. SWEET. I’ve got two macs, a MBP and a MBA. The MBA uses a smaller 40gb drive hung off the Airport station, and backs up like a champ. I’ve got history back several weeks at any given time. The MacBook Pro however has had zero luck! First I wasn’t able to get the initial 126gb back up to complete. I read an article about starting the back up on the network, then completing it over USB to speed it up. Then reconnect to the network for all future backing up. NO LUCK. Then I gave it a night to do a full back up over…

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Long time no post

The other day my wife IM’ed me, “Your blog is broken or something.” turns out, when you don’t post in like 2 months, it has nothing to show. It’s been a busy few months; Tom and I wrapped up 360|Flex Europe, and immediately dove into 360|Flex San Jose 2008. After Milan, my wife and I spent an extra week in Italy, hitting Venice, Florence and Rome. I got home, started a project with Esria, attended Software 2008, and now am finally enjoying being home. My project is one challenge after another, but I’m learning a great deal, so it’s almost worth it :) Software 2008 was an experiment to see how I worked with a potential client (free trip to Vegas, can’t complain) so that might bear fruit. I was…

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