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June 2008

Buckminster Fuller, the man

Came across this today. The first time I heard of Buckminster Fuller was reading I think the Mars Trilogy, and it’s use of BuckyTubes and Bucky Balls I had no idea he’s the genius behind the geodesic dome, which is freakin’ cool. I’ll have to research the Dymaxion Chronofile filing system, maybe I can keep conference files that way? :) From wired, “Turns out, Fuller (who was born in 1895 and died 25 years ago July 1)was so far ahead of his time that we’re just now catching up to some ofhis ideas — off-the-grid housing, two-way TV, mass customization.” I can only someday we can make full use of all of his cool way out ideas!

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Ignite Denver! Let’s do this thing!

OK if Portland can have an Ignite, and Paris can have an Ignite!! Then by damn Denver is gonna have one, and it’s gonna rock!!! We’ve got too many kick ass techies and tech startups (Brightkite, Eventvue to name two), tons of High tech consultancies, developers out our butts, tech entrenprenuers galore. It’s time we came together and ignited!!! So….. This is still in the early planning stages, I’ve got a posse (Denver Dave, and Adam Flater) now I’m looking for: 1. Venue ideas. Free or cheap is the name of the game. Some place with a bar, and a stage :) 2. if you think you have what it takes to give an Ignite talk, You know 20 slides auto changing 15 seconds, then email Come on Denver/Boulder/DTC…

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Salsa Rob’s wife on iTunes!

Just wanted to post a quick shout out, my pal Salsa Rob (Not sure if he knows I call him that) pointed me to a sweet iTunes link for none other than his wife. Check it out! You jazz folks will have to let me know what you think! I’m not a jazz person so her tunes would fall on unappreciative ears. :(

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Time Machine almost wiped out my past

I like Time Machine, it has it’s faults; like not being able to define my own intervals, being kinda slow over the network, creating sparse images on network back up, but actual folder structures over USB, but in general it’s nice, and it’s built in, which I like. I had carbonite for my PCS and was trying the Mozy betas, which I might still use (I’m still paying for it) so that I have offsite recovery, but built in is nice. However, I found out the painful way that it’s a picky little bastard, and not really friendly to being interrupted. I’ve been successfully backing up to my 250gb drive, on my Airport BaseStation since April I think. At some point the day before yesterday, Time Machine got harassed, and…

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