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Been a little quiet

What with 360|Flex San Jose in under 30 days, planning Ignite Denver getting officially started, working on a really cool project for UM, keeping busy on The Flex Show, oh and trying to have a life, man oh man.

360|Flex: We’re in the home stretch, which means spending money, mainly. Ordering shirts, books, signage, plenty of cool things I’m not telling you about so I don’t spoil the surprise, etc.

It’s about this time we start wrangling the speakers for their presentations, which is a lot like herding cats. Really creative and brainy cats, but still, LOL.

Ignite: I’ve got some assets from O’Reilly (right), they’re working on a cool Rockies specific logo, which I can’t wait to see. I’m sending sponsor invite emails out today and this is the official “call for papers” as well. I’m hoping we can bring together the kick ass thinkers that make Denver/Boulder the ‘Silicon Mountain’ that we are. Whether speaker or sponsor, please email me ( and we can get this thing started!

UM: I’ve been on a pretty cool project with Universal Mind since June sometime, it’s been very fun, I’ve learned a lot and worked with a ton of cool folks. It’s due to run through the week of 360|Flex (How’s that for timing). I’m really hoping to we on more projects with them, I’ve really enjoyed my time these past two months.

Flex Show: Jeff and I have been busy trying to get a bit of an episode buffer built up so that we’re not as rushed with interviews, that’s been going rather well, so I’m pleased with that. We’ve had some incredible interviewees, that frankly blow my mind. It’s a privilege to speak to them, what’s more, most are speakers at 360|Flex, so that kinda doubly rocks. I’m really excite to be a part of the show and can’t wait to help Jeff with our video series (which is in episode 2 now, great work Jeff!)

Life: The ever illusive ‘life’. Between one of our dogs, essentially falling apart before our eyes in the span of 4 weeks, to traveling to Indianapolis scouting locations (mmmm for what I wonder), to being fully engaged in work, it’s been a busy time family-wise. Nicole and I have managed to get in a few hikes, which are always welcome. We went and saw a movie for the first time in a dogs age it seems, we’re getting the house a little more in order, 8 months after moving in, sheesh the stuff piles are never ending. I’ve had the unfortunate luck of having two clients turn dead beat, which blows, so that’s added some truly whack stress, since it’s hits us in the pocket book. But what ya gonna do, other than sic the lawyers on ’em.

So that’s sort of a catch up on what’s been keeping me from blogging as frequently as I’d like. I’m hoping to really turn up the ignite posts as we get speaker submissions and add sponsors.

By John Wilker

I'm a science fiction writer and conference organizer. In 2017 I published my first book, 'Space Rogues', a fun Sci-Fi adventure with a fun cast of characters. I'm also the co-founder of 360|Conferences, a conference and event logistics consulting company.

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