What the hell!

by John Wilker in Business, Conferences, I am a Consumer

Tom ran across this today, and “what the hell” was the first thing that came to mind.

I mean, three thousand dollars? That’s one thousand dollars per day. People are paying that? 700 people (capacity) are paying that? WTF!?

the fine print is great. “Ticket includes a free AO insider membership! A $65 Value!”

Wow really? For $3,000 a person, I was expecting a MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air. Shoot something, a pair of sneakers even!

I’ll be honest I’ve no idea what an AO Insider membership includes, but for 65 bucks, I’m guessing not much.

Maybe the price is to pay for the speakers? most of the exhaustive list is CEOs. Are they staying in Pres. suites around town?

If you’re feeling flush with cash, give me some, then go drop some coin and party with some CEOs.

3 Responses to “What the hell!”

  1. jeremy mooer says:

    wow. I think the only conference that could justify a ticket price in that range is TED. everyone else can go to hell where they came from…. :-)

  2. John Wilker says:


    While I can’t say TED is worth what they ask, I can at least say I’ve heard of TED.

  3. John Wilker says:


    While I can't say TED is worth what they ask, I can at least say I've heard of TED.

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