August 2008

Miss 360|Flex San Jose? Don’t miss 360|Flex Camp New Jersey

Tom and I are working with the NJFlex crew to bring 360|Flex to the east coast in a 2 day Flex Camp. If you missed San Jose, or have never been to a 360|Flex event, this is the perfect chance to get a taste of what everyone is talking about. Day 1, Flex training from Farata Systems Day 2, Flex Camp action with sessions, food, sponsors, community! You name it! Register now! Space is limited! 360|Flex San Jose sold out, no reason New Jersey won’t!

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so Why I can’t I click on a phone number in an appointment?

OK i love the iPhone. I’ve gotten used to the keyboard, the camera that doesn’t zoom, etc. all good. What I HAVE NOT gotten used to is not being able to call into a conference call from the calendar entry. I mean, crackberry does it. I can only imagine windoze Mobile does it. How did Apple miss this? I can see the number. It’s even formatted so dialing it would dial the meeting, wait 3 seconds, and enter my pass code. It was wonderful on my Crackberry. I’d pull up the meeting highlight the number, and be off to the races. Now I have to store the number or write it down or something, so I can dial it, and remember my pass code.. Please tell me I’m just missing…

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twitter as a one way communication vessel??

Gwen twittered this on Monday and I’ve been noodling on it for a bit. The noodling was fast since I brought something similar up on twitter the week before 360|Flex, so my thoughts were already kinda ordered. Gwen asked if it was ‘assholish’ for someone to have 5000 followers and follow 0. My answer, yes, it is. I don’t have the slightest idea why twitter exists, but I believe it to be to build community and allow (140 character) conversations to take place. twitter isn’t a PR engine, and it isn’t (well it seems to be actually) an ego machine. I don’t care who it is, but there’s no one I’d follow that isn’t actually engaging in a conversation. Following no one in return just says (to me, at least)…

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Is Adobe even trying?

I was watching the live feed from the DNC today, via Silverlight, and Move, and it occurred to me. Microsoft has scored the two biggest online video deals around. Who knows, the RNC too? Making three. So I got to wondering, is Adobe even trying? Yeah there’s 5 gagillion Flash player downloads, oh wait 5.5 gagillion now, but really, do we think the Olympics and the DNC won’t boost the Silverlight numbers rather dramatically? I installed it after all. From techCrunch: may have streamed 72 million videos and racked up 1.2 billion pageviews, but Yahoo Sports still edged it out with an average of 4.7 million visitors a day versus 4.3 million (source: Nieisen Online). And Yahoo didn’t even have video. surely not unique to users, but still 4.3…

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