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September 2008

360Flex Camp New Jersey Arrived at JFK, sitting

The joys of having a business partner in another state/time zone; we don’t fly together, and rarely do we ever land at the same time when we fly places. Case in point, today. We both red-eyed it to New York (JFK) for day two of 360|Flex Camp NJ. I arrived at 5am. Tom doesn’t arrive until almost 8. Nothing sucks more than killing time at an airport. Especially, i’ve found, doing it at JFK. I left the secure zone (first mistake) since I wasn’t sure which gate or terminal he’d be arriving at. Outside the secure zone, unlike DIA, SFO, or ATL. There’s not much going on, at least not at the terminal I’m at. Power outlets seem to be as rare as unicorns, so by the time we arrive…

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Finally selected my new laptop bag

I’ve been on the look out for a while now for a new bag for a while now. I’ve got a few; A targus bag with more pockets than a mutant kangaroo, but that’s heavy and hurts my back/shoulders no matter how I hold it. The Macromedia Man Purse from Devcon ’01 (I think it was), which is great for my Macbook Air, but has no padding whatsoever, since “laptop bags” weren’t as en vogue as they are now. Neither of which really “did it for me” I had only a few requirements. 1. Rolly luggage pass through 2. good shoulder strap 3. enough pockets to hold my shiz 4. doesn’t weigh 3-4 pounds, empty. I did a lot of googling, asking friends, etc. The most helpful site I found…

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360|Flex Camp New Jersey THIS WEEK

w00t! Tom and I will be in Jersey this weekend for 360|Flex Camp New Jersey. Jason from NJFlex, is working with us (or us with him) to put together what should be a really kick ass 2 day Flex Camp. Friday is a full day of training, by Flex Super stars, Farata Systems! Day two (Saturday) is a full kick ass day of Flex content, ranging from customer components, to Drupal integration, to Flex builder performance! It’s gonna rock! It wouldn’t be a Flex Camp without SWAG, so we should have some pretty cool stuff for everyone, plus a fun after event get together for everyone to hang out and relax and chat! Make sure you register! Space is limited and it’s gonna be a great event! See you in…

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iPhone UI ain’t perfect

I’ve wondered about this myself from time to time, as i organize (or try to) the apps on my iPhone. I find myself wishing the lame stocks and weather app would go away. I mean, i totally broke up with long ago. I packed p her stuff, nicely told her I had found a more useful application that did more and that I liked better. I thought we were on the same page, but since she hasn’t moved out yet, I guess not., well he’s just that creepy guy that never leaves but you’re not quite sure why he’s there or who invited him. I’m glad Apple chose to bundle some apps with the iPhone, but it’d be nice if they let me remove them. Heck leave them…

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