EffectiveUI R&D Project: Surface Music

by John Wilker in Business, EffectiveUI, Technology

Now that the cat is out of the bag, it’s time to show off a cool R&D Project we’re working on!

Jordan Snyder and Drew McLean are working on a cool Surface music synth app, that interacts with objects on the surface. By using the object tags, provided by Microsoft, you can place something on the surface, and a menu expands around it to interact with the music.

The idea is that each object can represent an instrument, or something like that, twisting the object increases the volume, each slice (in the pics) would be a button you could interact with, or a slider, etc.

Jordan and Drew are working hard on this, the next time there’s pics to post, it should have a much improved UI, and I’ll try to grab some video.

The surface is only kinda impressive. Before I started with EUI, I took a look (sshhh) and it was kinda cool, though not as responsive as I’d like from something like that. Andy tried to show me the piano app, and it didn’t respond to him at all. I’ll grant that Andy is kinda a tiny guy, so maybe the Surface didn’t know he was there, :) but still.

The pond app, is pretty cool, but that’s a pretty expensive fake koy pond. Not to mention heavy.

I do think the Surface, opens some really cool doors. Having now sold my left kidney for an iPhone, I’m a huge fan of multi-touch UI, and gestures, and such. It really does open up computing to a whole new level. I find myself constantly wishing my mouse could do what finger do on an iPhone.

Stay tuned for more cool Surface stuff from us, this is only the beginning!

Wanna work on the Surface? Build iPhone apps? Let us know.

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  1. Fun project, sounds similar to this:

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