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October 2008

Ignite Boulder was a blast!

Andrew Hyde, one of my speakers at Ignite Denver, organized Boulders first Ignite last night. It was a great event! The presentations, were freaking awesome, with some hilarious, and outright, DAMN! thrown in. Micah Baldwin‘s “managing personal brand” was great! and Michael‘s presentation was just plain funny and even a bit enlightening. Ignite Boulder was on the CU Boulder campus, in the Atlas building. While Ignite Denver had a few venue relates troubles it’s first time out, I’m not sure a school campus is where I’d go, maybe it’s a boulder thing :) The free beer was an awesome touch, Andrew I’m steeling that, the lack of food was a bummer, since I left from work, and was kinda starving since I didn’t eat a proper lunch. No biggy, but…

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More browsers than I can count

So sure, Google gave Mac users the finger with Crown, fine! Google, you be that way! I’ve been playing with a few browsers, and wanted to offer my thoughts. Minefield is a Mac optimized Firefox. Not to be confused with Mozilla’s own alpha app Minefield (supposed to be faster than chrome). It’s basically Firefox, but compiled specifically for Intel Macs. I haven’t had any problems with it, and have been using it a few days now. So far so good. Plugins all work, etc, so that’s nice. I came across Cruz, just this morning (and am writing this post in it), and really like it. It’s not ready for primetime yet, if for no other reason than there’s no clear/easy way to import bookmarks. Importing bookmarks, FTL. What I do…

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Apple App store vs. Android Marketplace

Stumbled across this blog post, talking about the first 24 hours of each app outlet. I found this chart particularly interesting. mainly the places where there’s a large difference; lifestyle for example. I’m not sure exactly what falls into that category (there’s a small break down below), but apparently the android crowd is much more interested in apps about it, than us iPhone folk. Other standouts are Productivity, social networking, news and weather. What’s really weird is that it seems I’m in the wrong click. I have exactly 1 game on my iPhone. Peg Jump, it’s easier than carrying a wooden triangle and baggy of golf tees in my laptop bag. Otherwise all 4 pages of my iPhone, are productivity, news, social media, or productivity, news, and social media :)…

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