O’Reilly first victim of the economy?

iPhoneLive might be the first event to fall victim of our troubled economy. They announced that the first iPhone Developer conference, has been postponed.

We’re sorry to announce that we’ve made the difficult business decision to postpone the O’Reilly iPhoneLive conference, which was to take place November 18 in San Jose.

We are grateful for the support of those who had agreed to participate in the event, particularly program co-chairs Raven Zachary and Bill Dudney, and sponsor Catapulley.

O’Reilly will continue to explore the mobile space, including the possibility for a future version of the conference.

I can’t say I’m super surprised. IIRC it wasn’t a very low cost event, couple that with the economy, and well…

Maybe Tom and I can do something about the lack of an iPhone developer conference ;)

6 Responses to “O’Reilly first victim of the economy?”

  1. eric norlin says:

    count me in! independent conf organizers can absolutely kill in a down economy. conference companies w/ staff, systems and overhead can't.

  2. jwilker says:

    Yup exactly. Chairs and co-chairs, way too much overhead.

  3. this isn't the first nor the last

  4. Chuck says:

    at AjaxWorld, the iPhone track was sizzling! It was the only room that was totally packed.

  5. jwilker says:

    That's probably because it was the least sales-y thing at AJAX world :D

  6. Give Apples approach to the app store; the business owner would never consider developing a commercial iPhone app. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way, so it doesn't surprise me that a conference focused solely on iPhone dev is not taking off.

    I also would have assumed that program co-chairs were voluntary, unpaid positions filled by people who had some long term interest in growing the market. If my assumption is true; then you can have co-chairs w/o also adding overhead or cost.

    As an example; I would consider helping pick out / organize presentations on a custom component track at 360Flex. That is because I have a interest in building Flex components and would love the inside track based on what others are doing.

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