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November 2008

A lesson in 2008, Don’t F with Community

So last night I saw a very powerful example of not doing business like it’s 1980. I remember as a kid, and even as a young adult, saying, “Wow, I had no idea a Wal-Mart/Starbucks/McDonalds/You name it, was going in there.” Those days are no more. The internet has changed that, forever. Builders and land barons can no longer simply build something and slap a sign on it, and move on, not caring whether the community approved or not. It was easy, once built it’s hard for the community to stop something that’s already built. Last night, hopefully taught Focus development that very lesson. They’ve signed a lease with 7-11 to put up a store at Broadway and Larimer, where the old auto repair shop building is. They did this…

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Just say no to 7-11

Skabber twittered this, and now I know where I’m gonna be tonight after work. The next block up from the office, at the Premiere Lofts. There will be the Ballpark Neighborhood Meeting and on the Agenda, a 7-11 where the Monkey Bean used to be. Normally I’m not opposed to 7-11s, their quite nice, sell frozen Coke, and all that. BUT I’m opposed to 7-11s where they might; 1. detract from my neighborhood, and 2. make my neighborhood suck. The ‘hood has enough hobo’s and drug dealers. Hell I’ve watched people do crack from my deck in the space where my pool is supposed to be. We don’t need someplace that’s likely attract even more nastiness, and crime. If I need ho-ho’s I can go to the quicky mart in…

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My Kingdom for a calendaring solution!!

I can’t be the only person in this situation. I’ve got an iPhone, googleCalendar, and iCal/MobileMe.ANd a headache the size of Denver, maybe Los Angeles. The easy solution between iCal and gCal, is easy now that gCal supports calDav. However mobileMe doesn’t sync calDav calendars, so my iPhone has no calendars. I’ve been using busySync, but that requires me to run it on a machine, which is ok, but then the failure point is that machine, and if I’m traveling with a different machine, well unless I leave it running, no sync-y. That’s a no go. I found an Applescript, that comes pretty close. It takes my calDav calendar and copies it to “John Wilker iPhone”. Two problems; 1. it doesn’t sync recurring events, and, 2. it doesn’t allow me…

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I bet on the wrong horse, can the government help me out?

This nonsense with the big three and the banks, really has me thinking our government is made up of suckers. I’m thinking of writing a letter, or maybe flying (southwest) to Washington to beg in person. I mean, I went to the track, I pick the horse I thought would win, even though he had three legs and wasn’t expected to survive the race. He died, and so did the Jockey even. I lost my shirt, my wife is mad, and I’m not sure I can pay for my new Audi RS6. I’m thinking the government can help me out, I mean, I don’t need 25bil, so a few thousand should be easy, right? Mitt Romney has an op-ed piece in the NYT, and man, that guy gets it. But…

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