The Story of the Macbook pro with bad wireless

My Macbook Pro is first generation. Core Duo, no 2.

It’s a great machine, still a work horse, but the wireless card doesn’t work. Never has. When I got the machine, we didn’t have wireless in the house, so I never used it, there were network drops in every room, and hub in the living room. I first noticed the wiress trouble at a conference; I’d connect but the connection would drop, or I’d never see the network my friend in the next seat could see, and connect to. I then bought a sprint card, so wireless was un necessary, EVDO to the rescue.

Early on I swapped out the Super Drive for a second hard drive, from MCE. 160GB drive, trumps a rarely used DVD drive.

Jump forward two years, i’m at EUI, my work laptop on one side, my MBP on the other, one on the network, going strong, the other (guess which) getting not more than a blip of connectivity.

I decide that since I’ve got the Macbook Air, I can be with out my MBP for a few days, so off to the Cherry Creek Apple Store for my Genius appointment.

Mac Genius FTL

Right away he can see that there’s something odd with the machine, identifying the second drive right away, impressive. He can see that the airport isn’t working, that’s good. He goes back and talks to his boss, and returns to tell me, that since the Optibay had changed the electronic signature of the machine, he could never guarantee it was 100% back to working when giving it back.  LAME. He suggests I return to the Mac Outlet, where I had the Optibay installed. They’re Apple Authorized so it’d still be under warranty (I have an AppleCare contract).

Since it took longer than promised to install the drive, I wasn’t looking forward to going back to Mac Outlet. I fired off an email, letting them know what the deal was and got a reply letting me know they could do the work, and that they were looking at a 3 day turn around.

I drop it off on a Wednesday around 1pm, confirming with the guy at the counter, 3 days.

I Call on Saturday, it’s still about 15 machines back in line, Ok, no problem, depending on your count Saturday might not be day three. I call back on Tuesday, it’s about 4 machines back. GRRR ok lame.

I call back Wednesday around the middle of the day, “It’s on the tech’s bench right now” so I leave him a voicemail, letting him know if it ain’t gonna be fixed, I’ll need to take it unfixed. The MB Air is great, but it’s not the machine for compiling (is that the right term) iMovie projects. Plus the single USB port makes doing stuff at home a PITA when I need my iTunes portable drive, etc, etc.

He calls back Wednesday night about an hour before they close to tell me it was the Airport card and that it’s ready for pick up. I go in Thursday morning to pick it up, right when they open.

No payment needed, it’s a warranty repair so I grab my trusty MBP and head to the office.

I get there, fire it up, connect to the wireless network, Nada. same bad connection, as a week ago. LAME.

Not only did my expectations as a consumer not get managed, but my problem wasn’t solved. Now I’ve got to have a friend at the office, pull the second drive out, replace the old Super drive, just so I can go back to the Apple Store, and have them fix it, or send it to the Depot. Joy.

Apple store Service for the loss :(

By John Wilker

I'm a science fiction writer and conference organizer. In 2017 I published my first book, 'Space Rogues', a fun Sci-Fi adventure with a fun cast of characters. I'm also the co-founder of 360|Conferences, a conference and event logistics consulting company.

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