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January 2009

iapp review – Arcade Bowl from Skyworks

This is a first for me, I gotta admit. Some one actually wanted me to review their iPhone app! How cool is that!! SkyWorks Arcade Bowl (iTunes Link), is pretty fun, I must admit!!! I really wish the iTunes store allowed trial ware. I might not have bought this cool game without knowing it was cool up front. There’s just too much risk, however since the developer gave me a code, that problem was solved. That said, I actually would rather have reviewed the app without being given a code, but the iTunes store experience is not designed that way. Which really sucks, offering scant room for a description, and only a few screen shots it’s hard to determine if an app or game will be worth the money. The…

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You’re authentic voice, it’s important

Chris brogan has a good post, with his thoughts captured on video I agree completely! I hate self censorship for the sake of simply not offending the thin skinned, Sure I don’t think it’s cool to curse like a drunken sailor for particular reason, but I’m not opposed to the “colorful metaphor” when it applies. At 360|Flex Atlanta, Doug (who else) said ‘cool shit’ a few times over and over to watch the ASL interpreter sign it. I wish I had seen it, truth be told. Next time Doug speaks for us, will we say anything? Nope. That’s Doug, that’s Doug’s authentic voice (Doug, you DO NOT get to just swear left and right now!) and we wouldn’t ask him to change it for the world, and I hope he…

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Let’s Ignite Denver better than before!

Ignite Denver isn’t until March, but that’s no reason to 1. save the date and register (only 75 spots available) and 2. submit a topic. You know you want to, you know you want to share your intimate knowledge of how birds fly, or how to do a proper cat’s cradle, or even your knowledge of why it is that Chihuahuas are so popular.

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