Apps with silly physical gestures, STOP IT!

by John Wilker in iPhone, Mac, Technology

Ok it’s getting silly now. Yes the iPhone can be shaken to select a restaurant, etc, etc. But does that mean every damn app some one writes, needs to support being shaken, blown into, etc?

First it was stupid wag my phone at yours to trade contacts, now it’s stupid tones to transmit a contact?

Maybe next someone will use the camera to sync like the Timex watches used to. 8 bit screen strobing, ftw!

I mean aside of the fact that the beepty booping like an old modem would get old fast, what happens in a busy restaurant or at a conference?

“Everyone! Please be quiet, I’d like to send Steve here my contact info, but my gimmicky eCard app needs to warble at his iPhone a bit. It’ll just take a minute.”

I think if someone said that at 360|Flex or 360|iDev, I’d throw my shoe at them, and ban them from ever attending again.

[flash w=425 h=344]

I mean really? That’s the solution? I’m not sure what’s worse, warbling or shaking phones at each other.

6 Responses to “Apps with silly physical gestures, STOP IT!”

  1. Kevin Hoyt says:

    It reminds me of Polar heart rate monitors. They connect to your PC through an audio output (warbling). Works great in quiet and if you hold the watch right next to your microphone after you tweak and set sensitivity levels in your audio control panel on your PC. Really? That's your solution for syncing? Bluetooth? Wi-fi? Whatever!

  2. John Wilker says:

    LOL yeah. Timex Data Link was what I was talking about. crazy palsy inducing lines dancing across your screen, you had to hold your wrist up to the screen LOL. I saw an app at Macworld that required shaking to generate a private key. Fun, but ultimately silly.

  3. diamondtearz says:

    I think I'll just attach the sensors from a clapper to my computer so that everytime someone slams the door it reboots.

  4. As a business owner; you need to be prepared to service idiots.

    As an extension to that rule; at some point you have to accept that fact that some of your vendors think you're an idiot yourself.

  5. John Wilker says:

    LOL. nah make it so when a door slams it opens an app, LOL

  6. John Wilker says:

    ha ha true. They also seem to think, rightfully in many cases, ,that consumers like goofy gimmicks… So sad

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