I need help with the 360|Flex schedule

by John Wilker in community

I’ve loaded all the session titles and descriptions into User Voice (They’re awesome!). Go and take a look, do it now or over the weekend, but take a look. There’s 124 submissions, and early next week Tom and I are going to select the schedule.

I want the communities input and guidence. The only groundrule is to remember that just cuz something get’s 9003 votes, doesn’t mean it’s in. I’m the final decider, and Tom and I will be pooling our thoughts on this, but you’ll be involved in my half, LOL.

user Voice gives every visitor 10 votes. So go through them, pick the 10 you most would like to see in Indianapolis. It’s that simple!

Click here!

I’m hopeful I get a ton of feedback, and can make a more informed decision. This whole process is an experiment for us, but my hope is to eventually have the community guide Tom and I in the selection, after all, you know what you want to pay to see.

11 Responses to “I need help with the 360|Flex schedule”

  1. quetwo says:

    Not sure if i really like that voting website — not only do they only show a few topics at a time, but if you say "show me more", they make you scroll through the orgional ones you've already seen. Kinda cumbersome :(

  2. John Wilker says:

    @quetwo, You can make it show all 125 at a time. The link should show them all, no?
    I definitely think 125 might be a bit much for user voice to handle, but we'll see how it goes :)

  3. Ellis Elkins says:

    A lot of sifting, but my votes are in. Looks like it's going to be a great conference.

  4. polyGeek says:

    One step closer to completely automating 360Flex. That's thinking like a true developer!

  5. Ellis Elkins says:

    We've been having a discussion about this voting on our Adobe user group (go uFlash!) forum and someone made a good point. "I would hope that if a couple of similar Degrafa (for example) sessions are all voted for, and the author is one of the submitters, the 360 crew would pick them to present, regardless of who actually got the most votes."

  6. John Wilker says:

    LOL. Not completely! Tom and I need to earn a living! LOL

  7. John Wilker says:

    Yeah this is just to guide me, it's not an absolute. Even if something get's 0 votes, if it's something that has merit, Tom and I will work with the presenter. Likewise if two topics of the same type get good votes, we might work to make a single better session with the two presenters, like what happened in Seattle.

    We definitely take experience with the topic into account.

  8. Ellis Elkins says:

    Sounds great.

  9. polyGeek says:

    @John, no silly. If you completely automate it you could make more money with less work.

    var easyMoney:360Flex = new 360Flex( 'city', 'date' );

  10. John Wilker says:

    LOL. I see where you're going. Yeah that is a good plan! We're hoping that 360|iDev is our first but not last expansion

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