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by John Wilker in iPhone, reviews, Technology

img_0010I stumbled across HP iPrint (iTunes Link), and thought it was pretty cool. I don’t have much need to print pics from my iPhone, but it’s nice to have the option.

The two things I don’t like are that; it defaults to 4×6, it’d be nice if I could pick what size I want. Also it doesn’t seem to detect my 2600n, the iTunes description says it will detect Bonjour printers on the network, but that doesn’t seem to apply to my 2600n.

img_0011The print quality is nice, but that’s more printer than app, and my officeJet 7580 ain’t a photo printer.

It’s a nice tool to have should be out somewhere (parents house, etc) and want to zip off a print out of a photo.  Plus it’s not just pics from the camera, you could take a screen shot and print it out to make notes on, stuff like that. Anything that’s in your camera roll, is printable.

It’s free so it’s worth a price, just in case you have a need.

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  1. iphone apps says:

    There is pretty much no reason why the print size should be so limited. Why go to all the trouble of making an app like this, and then absolutely nerf the output options? I could see if the free version limited you, and you had to pay to unlock the options. That would be lame, but would at least make sense..

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