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by John Wilker in iPhone, reviews, Technology

img_0005Nicole told me about iHeart Radio (iTunes link), so I figured I’d try it out. From what I gather, radio stations all around the country are teaming up to provide radio over the internet. I’m guessing it’s to combat the likes of Pandora, though I can’t imagine the RIAA likes the idea, but since two apps can’t run on the iPhone at the some time (yet), there’s little risk of the dreaded piracy.

The app is pretty straight forward, img_0006the app presents you with a list of local cities, all cities, your favorites, etc.

There’s four buttons at the bottom; Stations, Favorites, Tagged Songs, and Shake it.

One nice thing is the tagging of songs, you’re listening to the radio and can tag the song to buy in iTunes, pretty handy.

The app is a bit crashy, if you’re listening to a station, and go back to the img_0008stations list or the favorites, it’s as likely as not to kill the app. It’s very much a versions one app, but still pretty well made. The UI is pretty clean, although the playing button, looks like a checkbox, so it took me a while to figure out I could stop playplack.

I know it’s cool that the iPhone has the accelerometers but really, every app does not need to be shake friendly. UrbanSpoon, ok maybe, but really, do I need to shake my iPhone to pick a radio station? Is anyone that bored or starved for content that they’ll explore the radio freqs from across the US? Even if you find a kick ass station out of Boca Raton, it’s not like you can listen to it in the car or at the house. But oh well the fad will hopefully pass.

img_0009It’s a cute gimmick, but like I said, really? The Utility of the thing, just not seeing.

Overall, great app. It’s nice to have my favorite local stations, I’m hoping 100.3 shows up as well, but 93.3 will hold me over.

38 Responses to “iPhone App Review – i Heart Radio”

  1. Nice to see you give the Tampa radio market some love. I would recommend 102.5 in the mornings with Bubba The Love Sponge.

  2. dave says:

    i really like this app! i listen to talk radio a lot and this makes it really easy to listen to talkies all over the country.

  3. Tom Thrift says:

    Hi ,I just downloaded I Heart Radio and I really love it , I was looking for a way to listen to DC 101 on my I-Phone and this was right on the money, thanks so much this works great for me. Tom T

  4. Rich Sipe says:

    Nice review. Thanks. In the process of downloading/installing on my iPhone. I love me some talk radio and hated not being able to find a MP3 player with AM radio and this pretty much makes the iPhone a AM and FM tuner of sorts.

  5. Steves says:

    I think I will like this app on my iphone but I keep having a problem and loose the app. If I have a station on and I want to exit, I stop the stream and hit the button to go back to the desktop. In doing so, the next time i go into the app I have no stations available. I need to reload the app in order to get it back.

  6. Linda says:

    Build in a sleep timer

  7. Jason says:

    I LOVE THIS APP! Six years of hating my local radio stations and now I can listen to Los Angeles radio again. Even from my car! My only complaint is that the program stops playing in the background if I'm texting or doing something else at the same time.

  8. John Wilker says:

    Yeah, thank Apple for that. They think we're incapable of multi tasking, unless of course we're listening to music through the iPod app, that can play in the background.

    Usability FAIL for sure. The app is awesome though huh!

  9. Paul says:

    All this app does is crash or buffer endlessly. Great idea but worthless execution. Watch grass grow rather than load this thing.

  10. karyn says:

    i agree with paul. it worked in the beginning now it "buffers" forever and never picks up anything.

  11. John Wilker says:

    weird. works for me. Listening to 93.3 as I type this.

  12. Spicy Brown says:

    doesn anyone know why it doesnt work?

  13. RhoYul says:

    been trying to tag songs using the app but unable to. when I tap the tag song nothing happens. any idea why?

  14. Matt says:

    Does it also work for the iPod Touch? I'm getting one for my birthday (7/26) and I so want to get this app :)
    I even want the AOL Radio one since I also have stations I like that are from CBS Radio.

  15. dan says:

    i'm looking for a station on iheart that broadcasts the redskins games. anybody know of one?

  16. jonjon says:

    this application is a good idea and i have it but between the crashing and buffering it makes me want to rip my effing blackberry apart and throw it away. It is soooooo frusterating when you are in the middle of a song and it takes you 2 minutes to buffer in time to catch the last 10 secounds.

    Piece of crap app needs to be reworked, then it will be simply fantastic

  17. ibehroxx says:

    the app just buffers… buffering buffering. i uninstalled, installed again, still buffering. Im running 3.0 , the app used to work perfectly before.

  18. bob says:

    This app is just Clear Channel stations… for the rest try Wunderradio

  19. Angie says:

    Only one station that I can find has Tom Joyner morning show…98.5 in New Orleans. Would like to see more with Tom Joyner. This station has been buffering for 2 days. Enough of the Steve Harvey morning show. Not as informative or mature.

  20. Reina says:

    I love this app but the tag button doesn't work and why is there no 97.1 on this?

  21. Carol P. says:

    This is great. The worst thing about moving out of California was loosing KFI radio. Now I can have my cake and eat it too.

    • Frank says:

      I moved from Cali too and am missing KFI (except for that A Hole Rush Limbaugh) so how can I get this App in my car or portable? Do I have to buy an I phone or what?

      Thank you

  22. Brittany says:

    booo! big thumbs down for this this app. constant rebuffering gives the "cd skip" sound, if i wanted to hear poor quality music that skipped, i'd just play cds. makes it terribly difficult to enjoy listening to morning radio shows, which is the ONLY reason I downloaded this app. uninstalled after only a few minutes, I couldn't take the skipping and snagging. Version 1=fail.

  23. Karol Madera says:

    I use the app on a daily basis and don't seem to find any ~problems with it, and, never seem to have a problem with extensive buffering.

  24. Karol says:


    My name is Karol Madera [CDN amateur call-sign VE7KFM] and I did NOT post the above comment….

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    Or, contact me via VE7KFM@Gmail.com

    BTW I am giving you this 'heads up' here, because your "Report" function is NOT working.

    Karol Madera

  25. Jim Singer says:

    Does anyone know how to contac I herat Radio by Phone. We are an Internet station and want to add ou non-commercial station to their list. We tried filling out the contact info but it won't forward the info even though we thougholy filled out all the info requested. Any help out there is appreciated? Please contact Jim Singer at jamessinger85@webster.edu

  26. tbb says:

    the only thing i dont like about it, is that you cant use your phone/messaging at the same time as listening to music. or is there a way to do this that i dont know?

    • John Wilker says:

      Short of jailbreaking, no.

      iPhone OS 4 will allow music apps to continue to stream music, while backgrounded. supposedly 4.0 comes out in a few months.

  27. guest says:

    FWIW, I put this on my iPod Touch, and I plug the iPod into my home stereo system when I want to hear some of these channels in my house -I beg to differ with your comment that people wouldn't use this at home. I certainly do…

  28. David Martin says:

    I loved this app as soon as I downloaded it about 9 months ago. There are some annoying times when it is just buffering, but not a huge deal. I installed the update 3 weeks ago and now it crashes all of the time when trying to start the app. Usually I have to reset my iPhone to get the app to work. Also since the update this app is killing my battaries twice as fast or faster. I used to be able to listen to the iheart radio app for 5-6 hours, now maybe 2 1/2 hours tops. If at allpossible I would like to go back to before this latest update.

  29. richard smiley says:

    The app started out nice but went into the trash real quick: dropouts galore, app freeze-up, and only clear channel radio.With apologies to a folk classic little boxes and they all sound just the same.

  30. Daniel says:

    This app is great for me. Recently moved to a different state, so I miss my favorite radio station, since none here compare to my favorite station. 103.9 in Dayton, OH rocks :)

  31. Koloa says:

    Can't seem to stream Green 960am. The app used to stream that station just fine, now it just stops. Why?

  32. Koowie says:

    Great app. I love listening to music this is perfect for me.

  33. Puddt T says:

    I like iHeart but I do not like Facebook.

    Why do I have to use my (deleted) Facebook account to save a station?

    I dont want to share my information with the world just to use iHeart radio…

  34. Rose says:

    Too much buffering!!!! I can’t stand it!!! I’m trying to listen to talk radio on my Iphone 4, but noooooooooo!! Buffer, buffer, buffer!!!

  35. Missy says:

    Just uninstalled this crappy app. Can’t stand the constant buffering. Extemely frustrated in Chicago….

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