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by John Wilker in Random, Technology

One thing I think is pretty sweet about my N95, the barcode reader. I mean that’s pretty damn slick, I wish I saw these codes in more places. Also wish the iPhone had a better way to implement code readers. Every one I tried was piss poor compared to the reader that came with the N95.

NeoReader (iTunes Link), is ok, but no where near as cool.

The N95 app is a live view through the camera, like… mmm… a camera, and there’s bounding lines showing you how to line up the code, and it shows you that it’s trying to lock on to the code.

NeoReader has you take a pic, and then ok the app to use it, then it tries to process it. If you weren’t lined up right, or anything like that, well try again. The N95 app at least shows you as it’s working so you know if you’re off center a bit.

I’m not sure if it’s an iPhone OS limitation, or not, but QR Code readers for the iPhone have a long way to go.

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  1. JulesLt says:

    Might be worth asking the guys at Delicious Monster (who know a lot about Cocoa development, and implemented a bar code scanner using iSight).

    I'm guessing it's an API limitation (i.e. no direct access to the camera feed) but I also suspect it is one that will be removed (from comments by jailbroken iPhone developers it looks like the underlying frameworks in this area are still changing).

  2. Roger says:

    I think it may have more to do with the poor quality iPhone camera, please see my post here

  3. John Wilker says:

    excellent point and observation Roger! Great write up! The N95 camera is worlds better than the iPhone, I'm sure that helps make the N95 app better at acquiring the code.

    Great site Roger!

  4. John Wilker says:

    My first thought was it was an API limitation too, but then it occured to me that pano makes use of the camera and can super impose an image over the camera image even, so I don't think it's a limitation, maybe more just a limitation on imagination of how to do it? If I hadn't seen the N95's implementation I might not have minded the iPhone versions.

  5. scott jensen says: has a sample of a qr code calendar that I have developed. will give you interesting facts/events for everyday/month of the year.

  6. K Yang says:

    FYI. Quickmark has QR code reader API for mobile phones. So, people can develope their mobile applications via it now. Check this:

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