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February 2009

Microsoft taking a lesson from Wal-Mart.

I’d say the end is nigh, but for Microsoft to be hiring a Wal-Mart exec to manage their (third? second?) retail store, the end is about 100 yeards back there some where. I gotta say, Microsoft’s problems are many, and large, and it’s sad that they’re going down a path of copying Apple (poorly), rather than actually working to fix the problems. Dell and Gateway both thought (to their own detriment) that a retail store was the savior of their business. Now it seems Microsoft is doing the same. PC makers, Microsoft, listen to us, we’re mac people. IT’S NOT THE STORE. It’s the entire package. It’s the OS that wasn’t a shitty re-write of System 7,8 or 9 It’s the hardware that isn’t plastic, that feels sturdy in your…

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360Coldfusion, very interesting

Tom and I thought about doing a CF conference, after I think 360|Flex Seattle. The reason we never went forward with the ideas was CFUnited and CF.Objective().

I’ve thougt CFUnited was over priced and didn’t really offer enough to be worth the price, since I attended in 2005. I’ve never attended CF.Objective(), since by the time it got started up, I was moving into Flex development, but since it bills itself as the Enterprise CF Conference, I found it odd that it was dribbling extra technologies, moving away from CF.

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Ignite Denver 2 Don’t miss it!

360|iDev is in a week and a half and then…. IGNITE DENVER! It’s gonna be cool! We’ve got some cool submissions for topics! Learn to fly, Why you suck at driving, RJ is gonna try to do the history of Rome in 5 minutes again, and Dude where’s my solar powered car? I’m glad to be back in the Ignite Saddle! It’s been too long, and Denver needs some more Ignite love! The Denver Tech community needs to show Boulder we’ve got interesting things to talk about too :) Make sure to register, Forest Room 5 isn’t very big, and space is limited! We’re going smallish to get back in the saddle, but make no mistake, I’m not lapsing this time! Ignite Denver is a staple!

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