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March 2009

Close the patent office right now!

Our patent process is such an innovation killer! Apple certainly does their fair share of patent craziness, but they actualy, eventually execute on a lot of them. Some they don’t and those should also go back into the pool in 5 years.

Patents are rediculous, I challange anyone to show me a patent that’s done good. That hasn’t stifled innovation, that hasn’t locked out competition, for completely stupid reasons, or isn’t just plain stupid (patenting a click, or a molecule, color, shape, etc)

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In the Good intentions, bad execution category

I was doing my daily RSS feed reading, and came across the Sound Advice Project (careful when you click, mute your speakers). The idea is they take the wave form of a phrase and turn it into a bracelet. Neat.

Except that when the site loads, you’re greated by a nice female voice. I HATE THAT! You don’t know where I’m opening your website, maybe I’m bored in a meeting, maybe at church, maybe I should be working on a homework project, etc. It’s just rude!

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Ignite Denver Wrap, up WXMW Party

I always get so wrapped up in blogging elsewhere that get’s a bit neglected :( I just finished Ignite Denver a week ago (3/11), and it was a huge success, better than the first for sure (organization wise! Sessions have kicked ass each time). It kinda sucks that people compare it to Ignite Boulder. Well duh, of course it’s not. I don’t have a huge startup community and those types of connections to donate swag and buy beer. I wish I did, and my goal for Ignite Denver 3 is to get some sponsor action, but it sucks that people are so lame they compare at all. Go to Boulder if you’re so in love with it, and don’t waste my time, hater. I’ve found that, I have a…

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