Denver Come quash Flex SDK Bugs!

EffectiveUI is hosting a group of people to get together and quash bugs with Adobe. Adobe is hosting the official effort in Seattle, and opening a connect room for developers all over to participate!

When you register make sure to sign up on the Bug Quash site to get the instructions on setting your computer up for SDK Development.

The bug quash is the 28th of this month! Starting at 10a and going to 5pm. You can RSVP here (it’s free)

Tom and I are buying pizza and soda to keep everyone caffenated and fueled up.

It’s gonna be fun, if you’re in Denver this coming Saturday, come hang out with some incredibly talented developers and help make the Flex SDK even better for all of us. Even if you don’t think you’re a bug quasher, come and hang out with us, and absorb some awesome info. You never know what you can contribute!

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