360Flex Indy, done

I’m back home in Denver after 360|Flex Indy, and finally able to get my thoughts down on ‘paper’

The conference itself was a huge success, we had about 289 people with us in Indy, which you have to admit ain’t bad for “this economy”.

The hotel and conference center was awesome, i mean, an old train station? awesome! I’m not a huge fan of the layout we ended up with, but i kinda knew that going in. I just hate conferences that span floors, and we did that. Lesson learned.

The sessions, well what’s there to say but that we had 45+ sessions from some of the best minds in the community. Open source projects were launching like kites in a tornado. It was awesome, to be able to be the place where that kind of cool stuff was happening.

Oh and then there was Doug

The parties were a ton of fun, and if there was some way we could do a week of parties, I’d totally know each attendee! By the last party on Tuesday I was able to identify a god number of people by face as they came up to get their drink tickets.
The Wednesday keynote went well and is always my favorite part. Getting a chance to talk to everyone, talk about the conference, what Tom and I are up to etc. Fun times.
It was nice for Tom and I to share that InsideRIA, InsideMobile, and 360|iDev are in full force effort mode, coming in rapid succession this summer, starting in July. We’ve partnered with O’Reilly for the first two, and that’s crazy exciting. Tom and I have been working with our Pal Steve at O’Reilly on this idea since mmm well it probably started on the Ebay Town hall patio at the first 360|Flex, yeah it’s been a while in the making. The partnership should really open some door’s for O’Reilly and 360|Conferences.
An added bonus was we got to meet Joe Wikert, Steve’s boss, who’s also a big eBook/Kindle fan. It was cool to talk to him about 360|Whisperings, which he was really interested in. I can’t wait to get our first few authors up onthe site.

2 Responses to “360Flex Indy, done”

  1. Mark Lapasa says:

    That's great news to hear the numbers of people who attended given the state of the economy. I'd like to think the smaller the crowd, the easier it is to network with people in the industry. I listened to The Flex Show podcast and it sounded like people had a lot of fun.

    I'm curious, did you guys announce at the conference where & when is the next 360?


  2. John Wilker says:

    Yeah we strive for a size (500ish but not more) that we think makes networking possible without hitting the "MAX effect" where you have 5000+ people, a fraction of which are in your industry, and you have no easy way to find and meet them.

    Some one said once that at MAX you might be at lunch with a table full of people, none of whom are Flex developers. At 360|Flex, that's impossible.

    We didn't announce the next 360|Flex, since we haven't figured out where it'll be :) but it'll be somewhere around Feb-Apr time frame 2010. We did announce InsideMobile and InsideRIA events, and our second iPhone developer conference 360|iDev.

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