How Big is the Freakin’ Enterprise

by John Wilker in Random

I went and saw a sneak preview of Star Trek last night (possible spoilers ahead, but only about scale)

The first time the question came up wasin the beginning when a ship that looked more or less like enterprise without nacelles was attacked. The crew escaped, in shuttles. Lots of shuttles, from a hanger deack that looked like the inside of an aircraft carrier. From the Commercials we know that Jim Kirks dad saved the crew, all 800 of them. 800? Enterprise had a compliment of no where near 800. So as to secure my geek cred for another year I’ll point out that in the original Pre Abrams Canon teh crew compliment of Enterprise (TOS and Movies) was in the 430 range. For an idea of scale, Enterprise D from The Next Generation TV show, had a compliment of about 1,000

Jump farther into the movie and several scenes take place in giant cavernous sections of the Enterprise. I’m talking huge! What later appears to be engineering looks like a huge naval reactor room or maybe a boiler room, pipes, all over the place, random terminals in front of huge water cooling tanks, etc.

Then we’re in the Enterprise hanger, again an enormous space with racks for shuttles 2 high. No mention of Enterprise’s crew compliment was made, who knows 2,000? LOL

Oh and the last bit of oddness in scale is a huge spave station that looks much like those seen in the movies, but ginormous, dwarfingthe tiny starships that are docked. I mean it actually took me a second to spot the ships.

I’m not gonna review the movie since there’s a day left before everyone can see it and I don’t want to spoil it, but when you’re watching, see if you can discern the scale? And let me know what you think of the movie.

7 Responses to “How Big is the Freakin’ Enterprise”

  1. Tim says:

    I saw it in IMAX so everything looked big to me, lol.

    I enjoyed it, especially Scotty and Bones.

  2. John Wilker says:

    How was the IMAX experience. After watching it, i wasn't sure I'd want it in IMAX. space battles probably, but the rest of the movie, probably not.

    The scale thing is really worrisome for me. I mean jeez what size we talking here? LOL

    I did love the Abrams-esque touchs. The Slusho reference, and now I know what the big red ball in alias was, it was just WAY ahead of it's time

  3. polyGeek says:

    I noticed the same thing. There were some enormous interior shots of the Enterprise. And it does seem that they have diverged from the original timeline. Ships in the day of Kirk's father shouldn't have been anywhere near that large. Some people have explained the new Star Trek as a reboot that diverges from the original because of time travel. But it seems that Abrams simply took the original timeline and supersized it. Not that I mind at all.

  4. John Wilker says:

    ANother thing I found odd, was it seemed like Vulcan was 3-5 minutes from Earth. What Warp Factor is that?

  5. According to the "Experience the Enterprise" official movie website, the alternate timeline Enterprise is 2,500 feet in length with a crew of 1,100, which would allow for the ginormous Engineering and hangar deck spaces.

  6. John Wilker says:

    Ah! Had no idea there was a site, shoulda known!

    Wow assuming this timeline goes into "the Next Generation" imagine how big Enterprise D will be, LOL

  7. Gupydoo says:

    I was in the USNavy and we had 5500+ personel on the USS Cosntellation when underway. The ship was, 1,088 ft (332 m) long, 990 ft (302 m), Beam:282 ft (86 m), 130 ft (40 m) wide. The Enterprise D, or otherwise, would need to be a really big ship.

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